Hilary Easlea

Hilary provides a range of therapies for both body and mind.
‘By combining a unique combination of different diagnostic methods, I aim to trace your issues back to their roots to gain understanding and perspective about why you became ill or out of balance in the first place. Once the origin and cause of any type of illness is understood, a specific recovery and treatment plan can then be designed to bring you back to balanced, vibrant health and happiness as quickly as possible.
I work together with my clients to bring clarity and understanding to any health issue. Once we have that clarity, we are able to put together detailed and specific recovery and treatment plans which combine a variety of natural therapies to get you better as soon as possible.
I believe that this work must be done together and that my part of the partnership is not only to offer treatment but also to provide guidance and self-help tools for you to participate in your own healing and recovery both immediately and into the future.’

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