Sometimes all of us – regardless of who we are – get a little lost and we need to sharpen or relearn the awareness and skills that allow us to shape our own lives. Driven by feelings and thoughts of which we are less then conscious, we make decisions and choices which may not serve our truth, and we end up compromising ourselves.

The following therapists practice Counselling:

  • Alessia Coelho

  • Amal Wartalska

  • Angelo Brieusse

  • Anup Karia

  • Carlos Folchini

  • Ernesto Spinelli

  • Evelyn Cooney

  • Gareth Eldridge

  • Irice Godoi

  • Jinmi Yang

  • Jonathan Champion

  • Laura Prins

  • Luciane Borges

  • Mala Malani

  • Marcia Gamsu

  • Maria Romero

  • Mariasun Kortabarria

  • Marina Lemo

  • Monia Brizzi

  • Myriam Bell

  • Oliver Frawley

  • Patricia Towar

  • Peter Kersha

  • Phill Turner

  • Rosemary Stones

  • Roxana Parra

  • Sanjay Karia

  • Stephanie Griffiths

  • Yoav Pinhas

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