Holistic Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching or Intuitive Life Coaching is a therapeutic process used to facilitate the working through of specified concerns or issues by the client. It is particularly beneficial where clients have an understanding of what they want to tackle prior to attending sessions and with a preference to work holistically; across mind, body and spirit. Holistic Life Coaching involves the setting and completion of tasks by the client for the client with the aim of achieving new goals worked up during a series of sessions (a minimum of six sessions is recommended). Holistic Life Coaching aims to assist the client’s movement towards mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Traditional life coaching methods are combined with techniques of your choice from a Healing repertoire or intuitively guided.

The following therapists practice Holistic Coaching:

    • Eli Collis
    • Galina St George
    • Marjorie Geneest
    • Pearl Jordan

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