Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses five styles of manipulative strokes to relax the body and reduce stress, and they are also the basis from which many other massage therapy techniques are built upon. Swedish massage itself is generally regarded as a lighter ‘relaxation’ massage, where the aim is not to relieve built-up muscle tension, but rather to calm and relax the body and reduce stress by using light, slow and flowing movements.

The following therapists practice Swesdish Massage:

  • Bartosz Makowski
  • Duncan McGechie
  • Fuchsia Farrow
  • Jacky Sayers
  • Martin Kingston
  • Melinda Csonka
  • Michal Zmolik
  • Miqueias Leone
  • Naomi Davis
  • Paula Kokosha
  • Ruben Dogliani
  • Sam Ankrah
  • Valerie Bonhomme

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