Ana Stefanovic

Ana is an integrative-healer with a breadth of knowledge and experience in the field of psychology and Brennan Healing techniques. She received a PhD in Clinical Psychology from University College London before embarking on a 4-year journey of self-exploration and alternative practice at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She is a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotist and also a qualified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner.

Ana employs a multi-faceted approach to treatment, and due to her broad knowledge of healing, aims to create a unique, tailor-made therapy for her clients.

‘I am passionate about supporting my clients on their healing journeys, whether they come for physical symptoms, psychological exploration or pure curiosity. I strongly feel that every person is important and that everyone has a unique gift to contribute to this world. I believe that often when we face challenges in life, these can serve as an invitation to reconnect with our true selves, and reassess our life’s direction.’

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