Chris Simpson

Hi, My name is Chris (Christine) Simpson, from Sydney, Australia. I have a Natural Therapies and Spiritual Healing Practice, Working with Nature to make a Difference.

I am coming to London and other parts of the UK from 8 March until 24 March 2018 – so grateful to be working at the London Natural Health Centre in Holborn at this stage on Saturday 10 March 2018, hopefully other dates yet to be arranged (subject to demand and availability). I will also be available for appointments away from the Centre if you find other dates suit you best. 

I am Passionate about Natural Therapies and Spiritual Healing as they have played such a huge part of my Journey, my Family also. 

Please visit to find out more of how we could connect and bring Emotional Balance to you or someone you care about through the many Modalities I am thankful working with.  There you will find many Testimonials and I would love to have the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

  Modalities offered at London Natural Health Centre 

·  Psychic/Tarot Readings

·  Consultations for Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies

·  Past Life Regression

·  Reiki/Crystal Pyramid (Quantum Vibrational) Healing

·  Between Lives Regression

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Typical Hours

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