Laura Artero

Laura is a hypnotherapist and a mindfulness meditation teacher.

She works with people who struggle with self-sabotage, whether this comes as:

– believing they’re not good enough,

– they’re experiencing anxiety

– or they’re afraid of doing something

She helps them transform their inner self-talk using hypnotherapy, mindfulness and

self-compassion, so that they can do what they’re capable of doing.

Imagine feeling less anxious and actually enjoying life. Your life.

Speaking in public with confidence, without going blank or blush.

Looking down a skyscraper and enjoying the view. Actually enjoying the holiday.

Not sabotaging your best efforts to eat healthily or be confident when driving. Feeling

good to be yourself.

You can become who you want to be.

If your inner dialogue doesn’t let you be who you can be, then I can help.