Mala Malani

There are times when we all need help with life’s challenges and for nearly a year now since Covid entered into our daily existence most of us have faced challenges of some kind.  It is normal to feel anxious during extraordinary times and extraordinary times they have been.

I can offer you a space to reflect and for us to think together with the hope that this will lead to better understanding, self-awareness and change.

We are all responsible for our own lives and I believe it is possible to move from feeling out of control, confused, anxious, depressed and driven to repeat unhelpful or even destructive patterns in our relationships to a place of making the choices that are good for us in our lives.

My approach is integrative. I have over 20 years experience in offering counselling and psychotherapy in private practice and have also worked for a number of organisations, universities and charities.

I also offer short courses in Mindfulness – a mind/body approach…you may well have read about this in the media.

The NHS recommend Mindfulness as a way of managing anxiety, stress, recurring depression and pain. Anecdotally those practising often say they notice relationships improve and they are able to enjoy life, get more done and even sleep better.


Post-graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice
Time-limited training
Solution Focussed Brief therapy training
Cognitive Behavioural approach training
Post traumatic stress

Professional membership (Accredited, senior) of the BACP ensuring the highest standard of practice and an agreement to work within a code of ethics.

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