Marianne Simonin

Marianne is a body therapist (M.T.I), healer and yoga teacher (BWY) since 1990. She also holds a Master in Ayurvedic medicine from Middlesex university (2016) with 3 months internship in Ayurvedic hospitals in India.

Having massaged for 30 years, Marianne has developed an intuitive feel for each person’s body, and often sense the kind of pressure or strokes that are needed to unlock tensions. These ‘knots’ may be caused by physical traumas, but often are the results of mental tension, deep subconscious habits or psychological blockages.

By tuning in with her client’s energetic field she facilitates the healing process, hence the treatment is done in a silent meditative focus. Clients often say that the massage results in the experience of a very profound relaxation, feeling aligned and transformed.

She uses her own signature oil blends. She also works with chakra alignment when requested as part of the massage or as a specific treatment. She often integrates Ayurvedic principles when appropriate as well as Yoga therapy. Always discuss with her when booking prior to the treatment if you are requesting a specific focus. She suggests that a course of 3 treatments is necessary to achieve optimum results.

Patients with serious medical conditions should contact Marianne before booking a treatment to ensure that it is appropriate for them. Marianne gives workshops/talks regularly on different aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda, and she organizes retreats in the UK and abroad. She teaches online meditation and Yoga nidra, and is an artist with her studio in Wembley.

Typical Hours

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