Coaching is a therapeutic process for people wanting to work on concerns of the moment. It is fast paced, task focussed and goal-oriented. It is particularly suitable for individuals who know what they want to work on and have a commitment to change. In sessions the Coach facilitates the client’s identification and prioritisation of key concerns: new job, new relationships or cope with changing family dynamics etc and routes to get there. The client develops strategies to achieve their goals. Strategies are an agreed list of tasks and timeframes set by the client to achieve their goals. Where clients experience difficulty in completing their tasks (many do), they are encouraged to evaluate what obstacles they experience. Coaching is not Counselling. In Coaching, obstacles are viewed as positive opportunities for change, you will work to overcome limiting believes or fixed behaviour patterns and get the goal. The Coach regularly checks in with the clients assessing how they feel about their goals and progress picking up changes and difficulties as they occur. There is room for change. A typical Coaching contract involves a client commitment to six sessions. Some Coaches work on a one off or ongoing basis in face to face, internet or telephone based sessions. The way you work is up to you and your Coach. If you know you want it and are committed to getting it, then Coaching’s client-centred, active approach could well be for you.