Bruce McCallum

Bruce is an experienced acupuncturist with broad clinical, educational and research expertise. He has been practising as a member of the British Acupuncture Council for over a decade.

“The primary aim of five element acupuncture treatment is to treat the whole system, addressing the core imbalance rather than to work solely on a superficial level treating symptoms. When the body and mind are helped to function at their optimum potential energetically, an inherent healing process is revitalised, leading to an increased sense of wellbeing and balance.

We are each of us recognised as unique individuals within the five element system; my treatment approach reflects this and I do everything I can to work authentically with each person I see. While acupuncture often has immediate good results, a truly positive and long lasting change tends to happen as treatment progresses. My task is to keep up the treatment momentum until real change is realised.

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