Dada Jyotirupananda

Dada Jyotirupananda is a yogic monk, practicing and teaching a system of yogic meditation.

Dada has been teaching meditation, across the globe, for over 40 years and many of his students have seen remarkable, positive changes in their live.
He is the editor of New Renaissance – a journal for spiritual and social awakening.
Dada’s book, “Meditation: Searching for the Real You” was published in September, 2009. The book, according to Ross Heaven, psychologist, healer, shaman and author, “leads us to a new understanding of what meditation might really mean in our lives and the benefits we might reap from it.”

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Typical Hours

  • Monday – 12.00-17.00
  • Tuesday – 11.00-17.00
  • Wednesday – 15.00-17.00
  • Friday – 10.00-17.00
  • Saturday – 14.30-17.00