The breath is one of the most powerful transformative tools we have to access our essence and potential. When we use our breath in the correct way, we help clear unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and past events in our lives that are standing in the way of us reaching our true potential.
A Breathwork session can bring about changes in a number of areas including:

  • The physical body: aches, pains, contraction, illness can be released and/or awareness bought to their existence
  • The emotional body: deep feelings which drain the body of energy when suppressed/repressed can come to the surface to be cleared and their cause resolved
  • The mental body: beliefs, decisions and conditioning (conscious and unconscious) can be reprogrammed to allow the client to live more fully in the present
  • The spiritual body: deep connection/reconnection can be made with the Self, soul and universal energy.

Our Breathwork practitioners practice different approaches to working with the breath.  Please Contact Us to find out more.