John Christian Florescu

Primarily focussing on the meridian points of the body, treatment with John Christian promotes tranquillity, mental wellbeing, balancing and energising the body’s energetic field.

John Christian offers:

  • Electro-Crystal Therapy (Chakra Balancing),
  • Light Crystal Therapy (Meridian Balancing),
  • NEV Body Scanning
  • NLP Coaching,
  • Hypnosis, and
  • Breathing Coaching.

Electro Crystals system is a gentle and non-invasive method of balancing the human energy field. It uses the pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic stimulation of crystals to induce rebalancing in human and animal subjects.

Electromagnetism has been used by conventional medicine for many years eg X-rays in diagnosis and pulsed frequencies to aid bone healing. Crystals have been used to aid natural healing for thousands of years. The innovation in ElectroCrystals method is the synergistic combination of the two and their specific application on the chakras and meridians of the human energy field. This method works on a subtle energy level.

Inventor Harry Oldfield has likened it to a molecular massage. ElectroCrystals involves placing crystals in tubes on certain points around the body. These tubes are then attached to an electromagnetic generator which administers the balancing and normalizing energy frequencies to promote chakra balancing that the human or animal energy system needs.

Light Crystal Therapy (LCT) uses wavelength frequencies created by Professor Oldfield to optimise a balanced and healthy immune system.

John Christian uses a unique photographic body scanning system (NEV Scanning is the advanced successor to PIP photography created by Professor Oldfield to scan the body’s energetic system).

Please contact John Christian with any queries or to book a consultation.

John Christian was personally trained by Professor Harry Oldfield* on a 1:1 basis. They spent many hours discussing, researching and evaluating patient case studies. These evaluations resulted in the theory that the system is beneficial in developing and promoting a healthy innate and adaptive immune system. The theory promotes the idea that everything resonates on frequency levels; including the human body. Moreover the body is predominantly water based, which according to the research of Viktor Schauber & Dr Masaru Emoto has the ability to transform and hold memory.

Using specific frequencies the body can recalibrate to a factory default setting. Over time John Christian has found the body has the ability to sustain the frequency and self heal.”I compare the chakras to your gas central heating system. If the boiler isn’t working or a radiator isn’t working, it has a knock on detrimental effect on the rest of the system.” John has worked with a large sector of patients from professional sports people, trauma, anxiety and depression to chronic illness.

As well as working with animals and home cleansings, he has worked around the world conducting treatments in Bali, South Korea and Europe with a range of patients including high profile sports personalities (boxing, golf, football), optimising mental and physical performance. John includes a full treatment including NEV body scanning both prior and post treatment.

*Inventor and Scientist

Typical Hours

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