Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is also based on Swedish massage techniques but is applied slowly and strongly to contact and work on the deeper muscle layers and tissues to provide intense physical relaxation.

The following therapists practice Deep Tissue Massage:

  • Carl Gamester
  • Charlie Cotterill
  • Deborah Ward
  • Duncan McGechie
  • Fuchsia Farrow
  • Galina St George
  • Jacky Sayers
  • Lavina Carrasco
  • Marcella Carnevale
  • Martin Kingston
  • Melinda Csonka
  • Melissa Medri
  • Mihali Wheeler
  • Miqueias Leone
  • Nikki Collis
  • Paul Manley
  • Paula Kokosha
  • Ruben Dogliani
  • Sam Ankrah
  • Sira Garcias
  • Tommy Onita
  • Valerie Bonhomme

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