Electro Crystal Therapy

Involves the pulsing of electrical signals through crystals in order to greatly amplify their powers of healing. Electro-Crystal Therapy, including the diagnostic techniques used, was pioneered by a British scientist, Mr. Harry Oldfield, more than 20 years ago.

This followed on from work performed on resonance by Einstein, Tesla and Lakhovsky; the original energy photography accredited to a Russian couple, the Kirlians; and the knowledge of chakras, energy fields and flows known to man for thousands of years, particularly the Chinese. Yes, modern Western technology combined with ancient Eastern knowledge!

What form does the treatment take?

A tube of crystals is placed over the area(s) to be treated – i.e. the site, the chakra or the meridian, and then the healing qualities of the crystals are magnified thousands of times by pulsing particular electrical signals through them.

No electricity is wired into your body.